harm reduction bulgaria


Harm reduction approaches addressing the pandemic-scale health and economic impact of socially-acceptable risk behaviours.

This (in?)VINCIBLE PANDEMICS Report is a product of a diverse team of experts with varying expertise and perspectives, including molecular biology, epigenetics, toxicology, pharmacology, psychology and health economics, yet united in their belief in the key importance of taking action to inform and promote harm reduction approaches related to modifiable risk behaviours. Harm reduction approaches have the potential to effectively reduce the damage to individual and public health resulting from historically persisting harmful habits, such as smoking, alcohol abuse and overuse, bad diets and unhealthy foods, as well as from new fast penetrating habits related to excessive use of digital devices and screens, where and when prohibitions do not produce results or may cause more harm than good to people and societies.

Numerous international, European and national reports have outlined these as top risk factors worldwide and with extremely high prevalence in Bulgaria.

Therefore, as these risk behaviours are modifiable, this Report aims at raising awareness and facilitating the understanding on the ways to limit their negative implications on the individual and public health. The harm reduction approaches vary due to the nature of the respective harmful behavior and due to the differences in people and societies. Although not exhaustive this report, provides proven scientific data and offers principle recommendations for entailing harm reduction concept in future policies relevant to improving public health.